Computer smile design

Компьютерный дизайн улыбки - DSD

An innovative smile creation technology is available now in our laboratory. The modern digital technologies provide the possibility of creating a smile that meets functional, aesthetic and emotional needs of a patient.

This protocol allows you to create aesthetics at the brand-new ultra-modern level. It is now possible to fully reconstruct the dentition that meets all of the anatomical needs of a patient. Moreover, we can perform the correction without even starting the process of prosthetics and restoration that can reduce costs, both for the patient and for the doctor. Now we can make our patients truly satisfied with the quality of our work. Uneven teeth, old fillings with changed color and other problems of the dentition do not add attractiveness to the person. And everybody wants to be ideal!

The solution in this situation is to use aesthetic dentistry, which current level of development allows you to create a smile very similar to a Hollywood one. At the beginning of the treatment, either with the prospect of prosthetics or without it, any patient tries to imagine how he or she will look, how much the future restoration will meet the expectations. Everyone wants to convert the money and time spent into something really aesthetically natural and functional. The worries only get more intense since the patient is forced to completely trust the doctor. The technology development can address this kind of worries. Now the patient can participate in his future smile creation.

Computer smile design